The FL’s Only Keep on Coming – Blackjack Guru,” Jeff Ma’s Brand New FFFL

Sports Illustrated Onboard
Ma, as well as firm associate, Mike Kearns, has enlisted the help of a few of the true heavy weights of American sport such as Sports Illustrated journal, part of this Time-Warner stable, who is dedicated to providing articles to the site, and tackling the earnings, promotion and advertising of this fledgling fantasy league SBOBET.

The attractiveness of launching a fantasy soccer team embedded from your face-book social networking site is the captive audience – numbers indicate there are countless of people on line at Facebook on any given day, so instead of enticing future players into this FFL, Ma intends to attract on the FFL into the people!

It’s not likely to be plain sailing to the baby league as they will need to produce something really unique to seduce the fantasy fans away out of their original championships run by a few of the giants of their media industry – ESPN, Yahoo and CBS!

Over 6 Million log on to Yahoo FFL in 2007
Ma is confident he could lure younger creation to his league although the demographics imply that many players ‘ are’wealthy and solid’ adult men who have a propensity to beer, technology and speedy food items! If he has to settle for a little slice of this market, it should prove to be lucrative – estimations are that greater than 6.6 million individuals seen the Yahoo fantasy soccer league at the coming of their 2007 NFL year!

He is calling his organization, Citizen Sports, will rack up a seven-fold escalation in revenue boosted from the FFFL along with his forecasts may perhaps not be that co – at the first two or three days subsequent to a launch of the FFL on face-book, more than 100 000 men and women had downloaded the programme!

Virtually every one of the revenue will arrive from the shape of online affiliate advertisements and Ma has reinforced his position by pulling in some fairly strong financial backers – based Kevin Compton, that owns the San Jose Sharks, part of the National Hockey League and Jeff Moorad, owner of the most significant league baseball team, the Arizona Diamonds!

Jeff Ma is no stranger to success although, he and MIT blackjack associates, who foxed a few of the major casinos out of foul lucre, left a small fortune on their own card-counting skill and Ma went a stage farther by writing about his experiences in a run away bestseller,”’Bringing the House’.

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